USCF Rating Anomalies

USCF Rating Anomalies

Apr 27, 2015, 2:39 PM |

As I was perusing some recent USCF tournaments, I managed to stumble upon some strange anomalies that have occured in tournaments. Here is an example:



Hold on, this kid has a rating of 0 !

Now this makes sense becuase he hasn't played any games, but it is still atypical to see a rating of 0.


Next up, there is a player who gains rating for losing games:

( Note: for those of you who don't know how to read the table below, L  4  means loss to 4th place, P33 means played/ provisional for 33 games and the number before the "P" is the rating of the player) 


As you can see, this person gained 1 point ( 107 to 108 ) for losing all 4 of his games! It is also worth mentioning that he still is provisional after 33 games. You stop being provisional after 25 games according to USCF...

Not only has this happened once, but it has happened over and over again!


Now I am sure that every chess player knows that Magnus Carlsen's FIDE rating is well above 2800, but not many know his USCF rating

Magnus had a 3001 USCF rating!


Special thanks to rulergeorge for helping