Book Openings

Feb 18, 2012, 2:33 PM |

I've always tried to get away from “book openings” as soon as possible when I play chess. Unfortunately, there are a great many of them. So, the least I can do is get away from the “standard” ones.


I don't like playing chess with dead grandmasters! Those guys are too good.


I'm reasonably sure that the first 20 moves or so have all been made. I say this without researching it. For all I know, it's the first 40 moves. Or more?


The only problem with getting away from “book openings” is that they were probably the best moves that can be made. So, I sometimes make inferior moves. But, I'm in the game for the fun of it! Oh sure, I want to win, too. But, I'd rather have fun than win.


My rating on reflects my attitude. I've lost my last 3 games. And worse than that, I didn't always have fun. Losing isn't fun. How can I say that I'd rather have fun than win?


Another fact that I have to deal with; I don't know more than a handful or two of “book openings.” How can I get away from them if I don't know them?


I certainly don't want to study openings in order to not play them. One might say, “I'm in a quandary.”


I believe it comes down to this; if you want to beat me with a “book opening” you probably can. If you want to study a database, you'll probably win. But, I just might play something you didn't expect. Then what do you do?


Sorry! You're on your own.



Sat 18 Feb 2012 16:27:29 CST