Chess is fun

Jan 16, 2013, 1:11 PM |

Its fun to play chess and it always gives me something new each day. A new move I have not seen before or a good tactical combination to lure the other player into giving me a better position. 

But its not just about the chess. Its alot about the chess board, the pieces and their history. What is chess really and what makes it so interesting? 

Well, for starters we live in a world of constant war and arguing. Without war we would be humanless, senseless and good hearted lumps of cells sitting on a rock with a weed pipe.

But we are not. And we keep fighting for our own life or others. Conclusively, chess is an image of the world and therefore we can understand the games principles without to much hassle. Trap the enemy king and steal his throne ;)

If you get tired of chess, you have 960 chess, chinese chess (elephant chess) and other forms of chess with different board types and pieces.

Today I feel like I will never loose interest in chess because its so much to learn. But i definitely understand the people that feel overwhelmed by the amount of knowledge they need to beat a fairly good player. But hey, just play and have fun and one day you might be better than you would think ;)