My game

Apr 11, 2009, 6:34 AM |

The game has been played between me (rated 1600) and my opponent (rated 1800). The game was last of this tournament and I have chance to be 2nd. Of course I had to win to be 2nd. My opponent was 7th with 4/9 on 11 players. I was having 6.5/9 and I get norm for II category. My opponent has been late about 20 min. I have time advantage so I wasn't playing fast. The time control was 90 min + 30s. In previous games I have score +1-2=1.







After this game I get II category (rating 1800) and 2nd place in tournament. My the most dangerous opponent draw his game. After I came back to home I check my game by Fritz 11 and showed me 3 bad moves (threshold 30 - 0,3 pawn) I showed 2 of them. Can you find 3rd?? Of course without using any software.