Win a Private Lesson from Magnus Carlsen By Playing GE's Battle of the Brains

Dec 2, 2014, 4:10 PM |

The World Chess Championship may be over, but Magnus is not done schooling people just yet! In a week, one lucky person will win the opportunity to meet Magnus Carlsen in person for an exclusive, one-on-one chess lesson and match.

If you didn’t love Magnus enough just for being one of the sharpest minds who’s ever played the game, now you can love him for lending his time and support to GE to raise awareness for neuroscience research.

Battle of the Brains is a global trivia tournament, and for the next 7 days, you can put your brain to work to answer questions on QuizUp, the popular smartphone app. Get paired with players from around the world to answer trivia questions about science, pop culture, sports, history and get closer to the opportunity to meet Magnus.

To join the tournament, simply download QuizUp and start playing “Battle of the Brains”.

To see how you’re doing, check the leaderboard.

For more stories, games and 3D interactives supporting brain health awareness, visit GE’s BrainMic page.