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BCC July 2013 Blitz

BCC July 2013 Blitz

Aug 3, 2013, 7:55 AM 5

The Bangkok Chess Club Monthly FIDE Rated Blitz Tournament was held at the Queen Victoria Pub and Restaurant in Sukhumvit last July 26, 2013. FM Deniel Causo ruled the 24 player 10-round swiss system blitz tournament with 8.5 points. Second and third finishers were NM Leonardo Alidani and Jimson Bitoon with 7.5 points. Fourth place went to Poompoong Wiwatanadate who defeated three national masters and scored 7 points. Fifth place was NM Jasper Rom with 6.5 points, and sixth to eight place went to NM Ric Portugalera, Patrick Roxas and Henry Calacday with 6 points. Ninth to tenth place were Dante Sagyaman and Kai Tuorila with 5.5 points while Michael Culasing, Peter Darby, William Campi, Matthew Nunbhakdi, Jei-Chen Ho, and Eric Calacday shared  eleventh to sevententh place with 5 points each. The complete rankings can be viewed at http://ratings.fide.com/view_source.phtml?code=82677 . The next blitz tournament will be held in the same venue in late August. 

Here's one of the games from the tournament: 

Up to the 13th move, the game follows Game 5 of the 2008 World Championship Match between Vladimir Kramnik and Viswanathan Anand. Here are the moves of that game: 

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