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Miniature: Festival of Mistakes

Miniature: Festival of Mistakes

Mar 18, 2010, 7:54 PM 0

Yesterday, (18/3) I played few games in live chess. Its fun and fast. The two reason that make me prefer to play there rather than in Online chess. Disconnecions and weak internet connection maybe is my enemy while playing there.

One interesting point i want to pointed in this blog is about Mistake. After one short game my opponent send a greeting, "gg", Good Game. My reply simple, "Thanks, I made many mistake". The next reply from him then inspired me to write this blog,"Thats why you keep playing.."

Aha, he is correct in my opinion. If I make no mistake at all, maybe I stop playing and get bored with winning. And since mistakes is a good friend alongs with blunders its good to remembering the basic mistake. Maybe, the best reminder about basic mistake is miniature game.

Here are the 2 miniature games I won and I like to share to remind me the basic mistake. Enjoy!















The next one is when I lost and make my opponent mad because I play badly.

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