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Apr 14, 2015, 12:07 AM |

My name is Jay and I co-founded along with Erik way back in 2006. Why? Because I have a passion and love of games! I was chess club president in college, played games on my Commodore 64 growing up, spent countless hours on every type of board game with my family, and even won the 1998 Starcraft World Championship!

I realized a couple years ago that although the Web had plenty of games to offer, there were no quality gaming platforms built around a solid gaming community. I wanted something like but for all casual and classic games! I decided to step away from and today I'm excited to unveil what my team and I have been working on for the last couple years:!


What is Gambit? offers a wide variety of classic games including Backgammon, Yatzy, and Dominoes, and also a few custom Gambit games as well. Everyone starts with a few play chips, and your goal is to grow your chip stack by beating other players or winning single-player contests. Sign-up is free, games are fun, and the community is great!

Season 1 Starts Now!

Gambit is launching its very first season where players will compete for the top spots on the leaderboard over the course of the next three months. The top competitors will be decorated with cool awards and earn bragging rights on Our top three finishers will also receive a Gambit Swag Bag filled with awesome gaming merchandise and a one-year Diamond Membership!

Build Your Bankroll

When you sign up for free at Gambit, you will receive 250 chips. Your goal is to maximize that bankroll by wagering your chips against other players. You can also join contests and win chips if you're a top finisher. Make sure you take full advantage of the free spin every two hours and win as many as 10,000 chips! The more you win, the higher you will rank up on our seasonal leaderboard and also on our game leaderboards.

Win Awards and Achievements

Each of our games offers in-game achievements that you can earn by completing certain goals. For example, get three yatzies in a single game and win the Triple Yatzy badge. Get trip aces in your top hand in Pineapple Rush and earn the Trip Aces badge. All of your awards and achievements will be showcased on your player highlight and player profile. The more you win, the fuller your trophy case will grow!

Use the link below to sign up and receive 250 chips FREE and begin your journey to the top!

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