hood story

Feb 5, 2009, 2:54 PM |

life is a board game in more ways than one

ull know what i mean when my next rap is done

child hoods where ur allowed to fuck off and have fun

but how do u have a good childhood when u were denied one

forced to deal with bullshit without grabbin a gun

i got bullied on my block daily

cuz the whiteness of my skin

forced some to jump and chase me

all because my left eye was lazy

but now a days them same dudes wouldnt face me

cuz im so whacked out that they couldnt embrace me

they wouldnt know wich catagorie to place me

if i were on  paper they would try to erase me

cuz there not ready fo a rude awakening

lets push the honkey he aint gonna push back

make me look stupid yo i aint gonna take that

caught his ass by the bus stop

so i grabed the louisville bat

walked right thru two cops and his whole crew

screamin didnt i say i wass coming back to get u

runnin at him like rambo hopin he dont scramble

cuz now its a bout time for me to set an example

so i had to leave his whole crew laying in shambles

i think one of them were crying

 and on the verge of dying

but i had to get going cuz i heard police sirens

but i did what i planed to i left his face cracked

doing tthis all thinkin they dont know where i stay at

it wasnt even 20 mineutes before they decided to strike back

hopin outta cars 5 or six deep

only me ,my brother and dad i think ive got three

2 for me two for my brother and two for chris

i dont think these black guy knew who they were fuckin with

out numbered and still injured from the prior attack

i got a head rush and i decided to snap

so i punched off on the first dude

and who knew hed fall out flat

hes hopin away mad

cuz he hurtin pretty bad

enough of him on to the next dude

i got a plan

put his face thru the window

of a green conversion van

now im done with my dude  lets go help bryin and dad

beefed it out then 4 on three for a while

snuck up on one dude and hit his ass with a floor tile

i think my dads injured they stabbed him with a pencil

i aint even lying its all tru and suspencefull

hes bleeding out his stomach and its worse then a divorce

so i picked him up and helped him to the porch

ways u can call this the pasiin of the torch

so i stood up and let a battle cry out

screamin all u fuckin muther fuckers are gonna die now

beefed it out for ten more minuetes till it finnally died down

regrouped to find out my dad was passed out

i shoulda consiterd this before i lashed out

but itts done at least i thought it was until the shots rang out

there usin a souped up twelve gauge to blow hole in my house

just then the cops turned the corner and just like that they were out

a corny lookin white boy up to no good

made a name for his selfleft it buzzin around the hood

every line i just wrote was completely tru im no comeidien

just walk up to any dude on broadway and hell tell u who i am

a white boy with no boundries who decided to take a stand