im back for the first time

Feb 5, 2009, 1:52 PM |

i hope ur ready for the day that i return

right after i smoke this joint im bout to burn

i hope i tought u rigth and ur lesson is learned

corny ass white boy  thats what i am

just like the joker i do not have a plan

wait outside ur spot in a purple minivan

wait till u come out and beat u with a mushroom soup can

blood all over the place yo u got a mushroom on ur face

what a waist of good product shoot u with a sawed off

and beat ur ass with the peice it was sawed off of

fuck a blowjob its a waist of warm saliva

i just want u to lick  my but tho

is it gay to want that i just dont know

u and i can star in our own porno

well call it peanut butter jelly chicken tuna sandwich

and in wich commiit lewd acts that are in wich  illegal

stab my self in the leg with a deseased needle

this rap dont make no sence but it dont need to

its just chalk full of funny dumbshit

thats only cuz u need something to have fun with

blast at ur ass with two thousand callibers like a gunship

its over with ur like a frozen dinner dish out a box of stoffers

preheat the oven a walk a way for a hour to find a 4 leaf clover

its right in the front hall righ under my penny loffers

time to go back now ur foods all hot and gooey

for desert ull get my penis spit swallow of chew me

wait cut that out dog i dont wnt u to chew me

how could u do that to me that will only screw me

so choose to spit or swallow or even use a towell

wipe js juices off ur lips

get used to doing this

my words are harsh and foul