Scandanavian Defense Marshall Gambit

Jul 5, 2009, 10:17 AM |

Hello Everyone, this is my first blog ever and while I'm an active player/mentor to the lower rated player I still get caught up with being over agressive at time.  Today I would like to share a game I played recently using the Scandinavian Defense "Marshall Gambit" which occures after 1.e4 1..d5!? 2.exd 2..Nf6!? This is an excellent defense for beginners who either do not have the time to remember the theory behind openings such as the "Ruy Lopez" where many junior players know the main lines for up to 20+ moves or knowing the dragon variation to the Sicilian Defense.












I will post a few miniature of mine using this defense. Note: Please do not use this defense if your the type of player who does not like to be down pieces or material in the opening.













Here in this next game my opponent a strong player might I add, prefers to hold onto the pawn on d5 by playing 3.c4!? I normally respond to this with 3..c6 sacrificing a pawn for a lead in development but decided on 3..e6 which is known as the Icelandic Gambit.  I don't believe either sacrifices are sound but as black I would rather take the initiative and develop.












This concludes my miniature for the Scandinavian Defense Marshall Gambit variation.  Major key points that allow positional sacrifices to win are greed, underdevelopment of minor pieces and loss of tempo.  Thank you and please share any good or bad comments you may have on the games or just the openings in general.  My next two blogs will be on the Stonewall Defense (strong defense against 1.d4) and the Panov-Botvinnik Attack.  Thank You.