Scandanavian Savage!

Jul 6, 2009, 2:50 AM |

Hey guys and gals thanks for the positive responses I received on my last blog dealing with the Marshall Gambit.  I'd just like to post this game for beginners or those under 1400 as a lesson not to make too many unneccessary moves in the opening.  Please feel free to comment on any ideas and concepts you see.  If you haven't seen my previous blog dealing with the Scandinavian Defense Marshall Gambit Variation as well (1.e4 1..d5!? 2.exd 2..Nf6!?) it deals with fighting for the initiative in the opening.  Please note this defense is not for those who feel nervous about beining down material in the opening, I'm a self-proclaimed "gambiteer" and I like to play on the edge.


Thank you

Jayson Jones