6th at U12th grade state champ

Feb 5, 2018, 8:15 PM |
Hello, welcome to my blog. Its been a great year for chess so far. I had a great performance at the 12th grade & under state championship going 2.5/4 for 6th place. You can find one of those games at the end. My rating rose 400+ points last year, so I'm hoping to keep the improvement going this year. I've set my rating goal for 1700+, which will be hard but I think I can do it. I recently joined and got kicked off a chess team, which is annoying. In case you're wondering, it was nothing I did. It was a public school club/team, and I am homeschooled. I was technically allowed to play, but the principal decided she didn't want me on the team. Wouldn't be that bad except that was my only opportunity to get in OTB games. However, I'm getting together with some people to play at a coffee house so it's not that bad. I also have a tournament coming up on the 16th, so I'm hoping to do well in that. It should get me closer to my goal.
Thanks for reading my blog!!!