chess tip trick and bullet opening

Aug 25, 2015, 12:48 PM |

Hello and welcome to my first blog :)

My first course of business is to tell you somthing about myself i have only been playing for 8-9 months and am only intermidiate but have learned some cool things about chess and if you are any where from 0- 1400 then you may benifit from this post.

 First i will show you a bullet opening that if you have pre-move unlocked then you will get a time advantage 

I always pre move all of these (Tip remember to pre move pawn takes d4 so if opponent plays it you take it)


Now for the chess trick if it works then you may win a queen,

there are also other ways to go but if played correctly you will do well :)

and for the chess tip always remember the 10 golden moves  (I will try to do another post next week)