Vote Chess Invitational Tournament

Mar 23, 2009, 5:29 AM |

Hi gang,

This is an important game to our group/guild/clan/gang!  This is our first game in the Vote Chess Invitational tournament.  We need/want to do well in this tournament. 

So, we need everyone's ideas.  Please post your ideas and your analysis.  But, please, please, please, ... do not vote early.  No one should vote till there are less than eight (8) hours left for our move.  REPEAT, DO NOT VOTE EARLY.   Do not vote until we have a consensus. 

Our number one point of failure is when someone suggests a move and 2 or three more people follow him without question and suddenly we have a majority on the first move that was suggested. That has and will get us into trouble.  Please, please, please do not do this.  Share your ideas and analysis, but DO NOT VOTE until there is less than 8 hours left for our move.

We need everyone's help.  Let's work as a team and we can win this!