4 Player Chess Improvements!

4 Player Chess Improvements!

Sep 7, 2018, 10:33 AM |

It's time we highlight the 23 improvements added to 4 Player Chess In the last two weeks alone!

- No more ugly gray pieces cluttering up your captured piece list.

- We now measure ping when loading player popup. 

Team chats are visible to spectators now. And after a game they are visible to everyone. Also they are saved to Archive.

- More prominant settings Icon

- Admins can now list reasons for a ban (soon anyone with support role should be able to handle bans)

- You can choose between a colored move list and a white now (We know... white is a color too)

- When your teammate disables arrows, you get notified. 

- If your teammate is chat banned, you will be made aware. 

- Top game is now sorted by sum of rating of four players in the game. 


- You can search by team or FFA rating now. 

- The sound letting you know it's your move (for the first move) repeats every 5 seconds.

- Arrows in colorblind mode have the same colors as pieces.

- Improved colored square when the king is in check. 

- If a non-admin player tries to send more than 5 abuse reports per day, he should get a message: "Sorry, only 5 reports per day is allowed."

Plus more smaller changes as well!