Do Your Forking Puzzles #1

Do Your Forking Puzzles #1

Apr 9, 2015, 1:30 PM |

So, I was in St Louis yesterday to check out the US Championship. At the beginning of the round the Tournament Director announced that players could only speak to each other to resign or offer a draw. They can speak to offer a draw... but not to accept it?


Chuckles aside, I love solving tactics. Between books, apps, and various tactics sites, I've solved at least 30,000 puzzles. (You'd think I'd be better by now!) However, I do have one issue with most tactics trainers: they throw totally random puzzles at you. I admit this helps simulate a “real game” experience, but it's really pretty terrible if you are trying to nail a specific pattern though repetition since you are unlikely to get similar patterns in back to back puzzles. Let alone several in a row.


To that end, I've decided to compile my favorite puzzles revolving around a single theme. We're going to start with the motif: The Knight Fork-- it's not for nothing bullet players tell you to never resign as long as you've still got a Knight.


Here's to pattern recognition!



1. How do we play Nf3+?



2. Fork him to pin him.



3. You don't always have to Fork two pieces do you?



4. Forks can defend pieces too!



5. If the Skewer doesn't work try a Fork! (lots of kitchen utensils involved in tactics)



6. Sometimes the Fork itself doesn't win any material.



7. Clear the way, with tempo!



8. It's nice when you get chased into a Fork.



9. Remember when I said Forks can defend?



10. Check, Check, Fork.



You made to end of another Jdcannon Blog! Did you get them all right?! Please leave a comment and let me know what you favorite fork was.


In future entries the puzzles are going to keep getting harder. Look forward to seeing you there!


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