Learn Attacking Chess #1 Karolyi vs Hector - Budapest Gambit

Learn Attacking Chess #1 Karolyi vs Hector - Budapest Gambit

Aug 16, 2015, 1:30 AM |

Jacob Aagaard is of course a famed chess author and I decided it high time that I see what all the fuss was about. I picked up Attacking Manual vol 1 as I've always felt that attacking was a weakness in my chess understanding. By working though his book and blogging my analysis of his games along with videos at MY CHANNEL, I hope to remedy this deficiency.


But what about your IQP series? Don't worry faithful readers. I am still going to finish out Winning Pawn Structures, but instead of focusing on one book, I've decided to study a new topic each day in hopes of not only appealing to the interests of new readers, but also to make sure I am getting a well rounded chess education. Here is my break down:


Monday: Capablanca's Chess Fundamentals

Tuesday: The Sicilian Defense – analysis of games within my repertoire

Wednesday: Shereshevksy's Endgame Strategy

Thursday: Bronznik's Techniques of Positional Play

Friday: The King's Indian Defense – analysis of games within my repertoire

Saturday: Aagaard's Attacking Manual vol 1

Sunday: Baburin's Winning Pawn Structures


Back to Attacking. Today's games between Karolyi and Hector features a pretty one sided Budapest Gambit. White didn't choose the most solid approach as early as move four allowing Black to very quickly develop his entire army while White wasted time. Indeed, it is quite a model game to support Aagaard's theme for chapter 1—Bring All Your Toys to the Nursery. A nice metaphor meaning that we should attack with all all our pieces.


Learning Objective: Notice how Black choose a very careful move order when developing—delaying d6—so that he could bring his Queen's Rook into the attack. Even more, instead of rushing into Qg4 Black took the time to play Re8 which, modest as it appears, was the piece that actually decided the game.




Summary: Its clear that White could have defended better, but that isn't really the point. When you take the time to bring your entire army into play, you will surely create lots of pressure when even if there is a saving move, your opponent will be hard pressed to find it. Attacking Chess is all about creating problems for your opponent which they cannot solve. As this game very nicely shows, Bringing All Your Toys to the Nursery is a great way to start creating those problems.


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