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Melik & Me: 8/6/15 Highlights

Melik & Me: 8/6/15 Highlights

Aug 10, 2015, 5:24 AM 2

Welcome to the Melik & Me Highlights. I hope you all joined us for the last Melik & Me before the GM Khachiyan head out for a two week vacation! If you didn't you can watch the replay HERE or enjoy my recap of all the main ideas right here on Chess.com


This week Melik was joined by BrotherJosh for an amateur edition where GM Melik analyzes the games of lower rated players with Josh asking all the questions you wish you could. In fact, just watch live on Chess.com/tv or Twitch.tv/chess and you can fire off a few questions of your own!



This week our two faithful hosts reviewed two games and I want to share one of them here with you guys:


Let's check it out.





Let's give Melik and Josh a hand for another instructive analysis session! The next show airs 8/27 and will feature Gerard Le-Marechal. In the mean time, why don you head over to the Melik & Me GROUP. There you can submit one of your games for analysis in the next show! Please note that any game submitted must be at least 30 minute per side. No Blitz!


Hope you enjoyed and I'll see you in the chat for the next Melik & Me!

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