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Melik and Me: 5/14/15

Melik and Me: 5/14/15

May 16, 2015, 12:36 PM 3

Melik is back, over his jet lag, and to prove it upped the ante on this week's “Melik and Me” featuring Shaun McCoy as resident amateur questioner. Melik attempted to squeeze three games worth of his sage-like advice into a mere 60 minutes this week, but as we're interested in highlights and takeaways, this recap is going to focus on just one game. Besides, if I showed all three you wouldn't read it all anyway!

 We're going to look at Shaun's game because Melik had more one liners that a stand up comic which makes for a lot of memorable advice. For example, we learned that the appropriate term for a misplaced knight is a “donkey” and that you should always “try to kill your opponent straight away.”


For this chess contest, “The magic word is development" as we'll see in this “quiet” exchange slav White plays far too many “defensive” move and boom Black is already on top by a full two tempi. Let's check it out:


Post game, Shaun explained that his two big take aways were the 1.) opening dynamics and that 2.) knight endgames should be treated like pawn endgame. Melik elaborated on dynamics a bit more. I'll paraphrase:
When time is the foremost advantage (Our only trump is lead in development) we must take action. Action means attacks, captures and, checks. And to reiterate Melik's earlier comment:  we only get better that action though studying tactics.

Thanks for reading guys! And see you next time with Melik and Me! at chess.com/tv

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