Melik and Me: 7/17/15: Ice Cream Social

Melik and Me: 7/17/15: Ice Cream Social

Jul 16, 2015, 10:47 PM |

The Three Stooges gather once again to honor Melik's absense with another great eposide of Melik & Me. But don't worry, Melik makes an entrance in spirit as the boys review a fantastic wins of Melik's against none other than the legandary GM Shabalov.


Currently 0-4, the boys have thus far failed to improve on Melik's play in previous Ice Cream Socials, but the goal of course is shoot on to 0-6!

Let's see how they do:



The post-post game analysis:
After the games, we are joined by NM Sam Copeland, who does a wonderful job breaking the game down into key parts and of course reveal the merits of the boy's improvement over Melik's play.

Key Point 1.) Don't commit to an attack, especially with pawns when your opponent has not commited his king!

From the diagram above, Sam explains that while most often White will castle Kingside, he has not done so yet and has no obligation to do so here. Since Shabalov has already shown his cards, Melik can decide if he wants to bet into Shabalov or fold and castle Queenside. Not a choice, you really want to give your opponent.

Key Point 2.) Often we talk about the merits of an individual piece, but really its cordination that matters.

From the above diagram, Josh, Shaun, Gerard, and Sam come with an apt analogy to describe the disharmony in Black's position. Its like the Kingside and Queenside got divorced, and they both got custody of different pieces. There is simply no connection between the Black Army. White's Queen is playing against a sole Rook no matter which side of the board she is playing on.

So, the moment we've been waiting for... Does the boys' improvement hold water? Absoslutely! 25. Rdg1 is a vast improvement over Melik's Bxh5. Sam explains that the pawn on h5 isn't going anywhere and the Bishop isn't better placed on h5 so on general principals it doesn't make sense to take the bishop.

We ended the Ice Cream Social with, of course, a discussion of Gerard's favorite Ice Cream. Viewers weren't able to guess his favorite... but even better, they recommended Vokda Vanila!

Before signing off, I'd like to share my favorite quote of the night:  "Just because something looks nasty doesn't mean you shouldn't look at it." - Shaun

I promise he was talking about chess. :)