Melik and Me: Special Episode - 4/16/14

Melik and Me: Special Episode - 4/16/14

Apr 16, 2015, 9:31 PM |

Today “Melik and Me” played out more like a late night talk show than the usual patzer/master instructional combo we've grown accustomed to. Our three favorite co-hosts teamed up in Melik's absence to throw a chess party (or ice cream social as they dubbed it) to delight the masses with talk of ruination and alcoholic bishops.


In case you don't follow “Melik and Me”--shame on you-- let's meet the hosts.


BrotherJosh: Whose brother? Well everyone's of course. 

Shaun: Cage fighter extraordinaire. Can you say chess boxing? 

Gerard Le-Marechal: The group quick thinker with a 2300 Bullet rating.


Even Danny dropped in to show us his better half.



Melik and Me” just wouldn't be complete without Melik, but worry not. The three amigos turned the tables on “the unofficial coach” and analyzed his recent tournament game, scouring the board in hopes of finding an improvement in order to impress the GM himself.


SPOILER ALERT: A later special guest dashed all their dreams.



Just when we thought it couldn't get any better, FunMasterMike showed up to wow the crowd with his bard like tales of high school mischief—oh, and he gave some chess advice too. For instance, he warns us never to date a chess player as they will wonder why you didn't play Rxh4 instead of taking you to lunch.



On chess related note, Mike walked us through his Tournament Prep routine. In the week leading up, he focuses on Tactics and looks at the database games of the strong players already registered. 30-45 minutes prior to the game, he reviews lines and sits quietly to relieve his nerves.


Lastly, Mike told us a four minute story the only lasted two-three minutes. On a high school marketing club trip, Mike's chaperons imposed a midnight curfew. At midnight-o-five, he decided to go score a Coke, however, he heard a tear as the door opened. The wilily chaperons had taped the doors closed as device to detect curfew breakers. Fearing punishment, Mike's roommates tasked him—the chess player—to solve the problem as clearly all chess players are smart (a stereotype I am not keen to overturn).


So what were our wayward students to do? Call a pizza guy? No, don't have any type. Ask the front desk? No, they are on cohoots with the teachers.


*dramatic pause*


Break the tape on everyone's door of course!


That wraps up another great episode of “Melik and Me” be sure to join us Thursday, April 30th at 5:00 pm PDT for the next great adventure! I'll see you there!