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My Favorite 1.d4 Miniatures #4 (Queen's Pawn Game)

My Favorite 1.d4 Miniatures #4 (Queen's Pawn Game)

Apr 10, 2015, 4:31 PM 6

It turns out there are only seven Swiss Grandmasters, including defector Victor Kortchnoi. Contrary to what you might expect, I don't think their play is full of holes either—ba-dum-chhhh! The pun police are going to arrest me, I am sure... I deserve it.


Ivan Nemet is one magnificent seven Grandmasters, though as seems to be a theme in this blog, he was not awarded the GM title until 1978, a year after he obliterated Wim Luberti (The victim of today's “My Favorite 1.d4 Miniatures.”) Checkout the last installment HERE.


Nimzowitch warns us not to go chasing pawn in the opening, unless we are winning a central pawn as the time spent winning such a pawn is worth more than the pawn. Wim, apparently not hip with “My System,” wastes an inordinate amount of time, not winning a central pawn, but merely trading one.


Let's check out Ivan's not so terrible play!


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Did you play a great 1.d4 miniature? If so, send me the PGN and maybe I'll include it in my article!

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