My Favorite 1.d4 Miniatures #5 (Budapest Gambit)

My Favorite 1.d4 Miniatures #5 (Budapest Gambit)

Apr 14, 2015, 1:45 PM |

Bernd Reinhardt, despite a peak rating of nearly 2400 never managed to secure a FIDE title. In today's “My Favorite 1.d4 Miniatures” Reinhardt, demonstrates his German efficiency in dismantling White's naive attempt to hang onto his extra pawn in a Budapest Gambit. With very little tactical flourish, Black simply put his pieces on the best squares, and executes one of Capablana's petite combinación to finish off the game.


In previous blogs, we've seen attacks rage on after Queen trades, but what is most amazing about Reinhardt's play, is that he quickly trades three sets of minor pieces—hardly a recipe for aggression. However, that is not the whole picture as you will see in today's game. It's a jewel indeed!


I am testing a new format on you guys today. I hope to increase the instructional value by pausing the game to present key moments as puzzles. I would love some feedback! For anyone who wants to simply click though the game, the full pgn with all my notes will be presented that end.





White Boldly Hangs on to his Pawn.


Black has four ways to recapture on e6: Which is best?


Check out these wonderfully instructive trades.



Finish off the game!



And the full games for those who like to click, click, click.



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