Test your CrazyHouse Mating Skills!

Test your CrazyHouse Mating Skills!

Jun 3, 2017, 6:47 PM |

Since Chess.com introduced Crazyhouse, I've been a little obsessed with the game. 

I found the new and unique kinds of combinations quite fascinating and thought it would be fun share some of the more interesting positions from my games in puzzle form to give you guys a chance to solve them on your own!

In this first position, I was playing black and had been doing quite badly and probably should have lost, but white last move (capturing my Queen on h4) left me the opening needed to kick start my attack.

Black to move and Mate in 5:


In this next positions, I was white and had been begging for a diagonal. With only a lone knight playing on the board things look grim, but after offering a rook for a pawn, I had what I needed.

White to move and Mate in 4. 

Playing as Black again, I didn't actually find the fastest mate, but hey mate is mate right? And my mating idea was pretty close the fastest mate:

Black to move and Mate in 6:

This next positions is an absolute classic mating pattern that is essential to know for Crazyhouse and Bughouse for that matter! I fell into this idea tons of times before I started using it against my opponents.

Black to move and Mate in 2:

I hope you all enjoyed these positions and fellow Crazyhouse player should feel free to post their own cool positions in the comments!