Winning Pawn Structures: The Rook Lift with the IQP: Part 2

Winning Pawn Structures: The Rook Lift with the IQP: Part 2

Aug 2, 2015, 5:10 PM |

Welcome to Part 2 of Rook Lifts with the IQP where we explore more instances of the Rook lift proving too much for the Black defenses to handle. If you are just joining us, this recent blog series is following the games of Baburin's Winning Pawn Structures where I am presenting all the same material with my own comments and analysis.


If you missed PART 1, feel free to check it out to get up to speed. And make sure to check out MY CHANNEL on YouTube for even more videos analyzing master games!


As mentioned before, the Rook lift is a key idea that White uses to tip the material balance in his favor for a Kingside attack. However, as our next game shows us, mate is not the only possible outcome of such an attack. Here Karpov's aggression nets him only a one pawn advantage, but in a fantastic display of endgame technique Karpov masterfully converts in a lovely double Rook Ending.




Our next match up proves that the Panov-Botvinnik Attack is the not only way to get an IQP out of a Caro-Kann. Here little known master Varavin makes use of extra Kindside piece—the g3 Knight (a common feature of the Caro). Once coupled with a Rook lift, his advantage of available material overwhelms Black's defenses. Note, also his use of the Dark Squared Bishop which typically deployed to g5 finds a new diagonal in this match up.


Notice that in each of these last five games, the use of the Rook lift provided the winning side with an advantage in attacking material. Usually, these attacks were coupled with some other deficient in the Black position. Remember for example, Korchnoi's Bishop stranded on a5. Be on the lookout for same a misplaced piece which suggests that a Rook lift could be powerful.


That wraps up our coverage of the Rook lift! I hope you found it as instructive as I did. Now, I need a little help from you all! What do you want to see next in my Blog:

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