How to improve in chess

How to improve in chess

Jun 18, 2017, 7:16 AM |

Let's clarify this fact, everybody wants to improve and become a much better player. And often times our tendency is to dedicate many hours into this splended game. I myself use to desperately play many chess correspondences  with the idea of improve companied with getting significantly better. One major factor for my evolvement is (Youtube)! who would I be without this magnificent tool. I've spent many times figuring out different tactics on that particular site.


The text above is just an explanation to my improvements, although it took me 6 months to reach this certain rating.


Enough of my endless mumbling, let me share the real ideal that'll undoubtedly help you to think differently, and possibly give you a better understanding and knowledge. Without further a due I'd like to introduce you readers to my younger self, who played quite aggressively.


When I first started out I use to often think about developing pieces, I seriously developed all my pieces before the game even started. Don't get me wrong, developing is and should be your number one priority. But I took it to an extremly high level, that one cannot possibly surpass. Instead of going: d4 - Kf3 and so on (more like a so called spanish game or probably a Ruy Lopez). I Went for something along this line: d4 preparing for Q4??, due to my lack of understanding. I thought that the more stronger pieces you had on a board, the more likely you were to win the entire game. Truth is... nopp you must have a purpose when developing! (improtant rule)


Another problem I came across while fighting for initiative, was to figure out a way to scheckmate the enemy king. I seriously couldn't scheckmate, until I slowly began to checkmate the enemy king without even knowing what happend. Ladies and gentlemen behold what I call "matting patterns" It's undoubtely important to realize a "checkmate" when it's laying infront of your eyes, therefore I can confidently recommend learning "mating parttens aswell as tactics.


This list could go on forever  but hey... somebody got to stop it, am I right?

What i'm trying to say is that this mentioned rules are improtant for improving drastically, What I can recommend to you guys is to read books regarding this topic namely "how to improve in chess", and a cheesy thing that I often do is  to watch Youtube videos. This tool should be used quite often (because it contains various of meaningful informations that one could find in a book, and not to mention, watching videos is way effective compared to Reading books.


thanks for reading'!, my current rating is +1600 and till next time! take care.


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