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It's not about winning!

It's not about winning!

Jun 15, 2017, 11:45 PM 0

Hi! boy what I love chess, just as much as eating I love school and homeworks. The reason why I have an endless love for this game is due to the fact that i'm able to lose!


When i say lose I tend to mean "loosing the whole game". The majority would probably consider a loss as something terribly, but i say unto you "losing is a part of this beautiflu game. we have to seriously embrace every single part of the chess game: The opening - middle game - endgame.


If you lose a game then i recomment this: analyze it! try to figure out the reason that caused your lost whether it is a poor opening or a bad endgame. My point is that you should at least try to not redo the same mistakes. that's the beauty of losing a game.


thanks for reading this! make sure to follow me here and keep in touch with me.


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