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New project on its way (english version)

New project on its way (english version)

Aug 10, 2017, 5:20 AM 0

I once wrote a similar blog about me working on a project in a different language, before revealing it to you I'll explain why I'm working on it, instead. There's nothin' in this world that makes me happy than teaching people different things, that's definitely my passion. And in this I see many people rated under 1400 who are doin' their best but for some reason cannot seem to improve. Well don't you worry because I'm here and the objective for me is to train you. I want to see your score improve significantly and see you win more often. 


I use to be extremly bad, in fact i remember playing against my brother for the first time and keep in mind that this was my very first chess game. Well he won (who would've guessed), but that's not the end of story, I'm now better then him with a ratin' of 1800. My new goel's to reach 2000 becoming a master (well honestly it depends on which system you valuate) In my case I use Elo. 


I want you guys to leave comments and thoughts regarding this Idea sort of, I prefer to call It project because I'm almost done. But if you're interested then let me know, either through commentating here or through contacting me privately here on chess.com. And if you want you can contact me here: Seanolez@gmail.com.


The main goal would be to inform you about the site, I'll definitely let you guys know when the site is officially published. Thanks!

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