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Nov 8, 2011, 2:18 PM 3

I've noticed especially in blitz that a number of players that are a hundred points above my rating will refuse to play.  I don't really understand since none of us, at least not those within a hundred points of my rating,  are at the cusp of becoming a grand master. If I happen to win and you lose 10 rating points so what, if you are decent you will have them back in the next few minutes.  I have also run into to few players that will cry about a draw.  They had a chance to put the game away and did not do it so I end perpetual check. My point is we are supposed to play our best moves to hopefully win, if I am getting blasted and can find a way to draw I will do it in a heartbeat. Lastly this is supposed to be for enjoyment and to improve our games some of you need to lighten up.

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