blunder, and my broken heart blunder, and my broken heart

Jan 5, 2013, 4:38 PM |

This is my first post.

And in my first post, I'd like to share a *horrible* experience I had today. I was so disappointed - and had everything to do with it. Yes, you can read on and laugh at me - just another guy throwing his daily rent at what used to be the website that he appreciated, and loved, the most.

I never rant. But now... now my heart is broken, and I'm not sure it will be mended soon.

Yes - I might be the only one reading this post, but still - it will be my humble compensation, my little win after the worst day I had in


So, It was evening and I logged onto my beloved site  - preparing for a game at my level (which I was looking forward to for some time, but got hooked on many other things). It was 'bout 2 months after my previous game, and I was anxious to get on with it and test my mental chess progress. 

Then, a game started.

Yes, it was just another game you might say, but some of you surely know how engaging a chess game can become, and this was one of those games for me.

And I played - maybe not the best play in the world, and surely not the best game I had - but I sure-as-hell was fighting - AND I was winning! And as you know, this just says it all.

But then, when I had around 10 min (!) of play left, and my rival - which was losing - had some 20 min of time on his clock - I got disconnected.

Not worrying, and having a strong belief that no matter what I will have more than enough time to properly finish off my rival  - I laid back on my chair, smiling, waiting for the 20 - 30 seconds of connection gap (which rarely happens) to end. 

Exactly one minute later, and still having about 9 minutes left (!) I was reconnected - only to get the most humiliating message ever from "Game lost - abandoned by jeevandark".

Even now, 8 or 9 hours after that moment I can still taste that burning feeling of being treated in an unfair, unjust way – like a nightmarish movie in which you play the main role.

So , - you let me down. There's no way in hell that I should have lost that game - it was mine. I am still broken heated by your betrayal, and can only hope for all other players in that this will never happen to them as well. Not if they are so determined to win a game. Not if they are so supportive of a website as I was of yours.

It's Just one game, a small game of chess – that sometimes can mean the world to you.