The Importance of Tactical Vision

GM jefferyx
Apr 23, 2013, 8:32 PM |

Hi everybody! In my last topic I told you that the importance of tactics was what allowed me to make my 3 norms. I'll elaborate on that by showing a few examples.



This is a game vs GM Julio Sadorra. Currently I am playing White and it is his move. The position is quite dynamic, I am up an exchange for a pawn and pieces are hanging. If he takes my rook I will take back, then threaten his knight on g4 and the pawn on g6. So here he decides to play Bb7. Right when he played the move I thought he just overlooked something because I ended up just taking on g7 right away without even realizing what he had in mind. Try to see what I missed.


When he played the move I could do nothing but resign and felt bad about myself. Overlook one simple tactic and that could be it. 




This next example is a recent game vs GM Conrad Holt. I am White and it seems like I am a bit better because of my space advantage and pressure. I've just made a mistake by playing Na6? Can you punish me, just like what GM Holt did in the game? For the folks who have not played with GM Holt, you don't want to give any chances to him. Because if you do, you can be sure he will take it to the bank.

He made a few more accurate moves and then it was all over.

As you can see if you don't even see the slightest tactic, it could be fatal and you can even lose immediately. It shows that I always need to work on tactics. It is always good before the game to freshen your mind up by sharpening your tactical vision. I do this by using the's tactics trainer.

Well, this is all for now, I'll see you all next time.