Poker and Chess Streaming Session: Bullet and MIT Homegame

Poker and Chess Streaming Session: Bullet and MIT Homegame

WGM jenshahade
Feb 16, 2017, 7:28 PM |

2017 started off well for me, with a new member of the family joining me on January 3. In my first chess and poker session after birth, little Fabian was so horrified by one of my moves, he started crying and I had to stop playing for a bit. Check it out: 

At the MIT poker class I talked about in the video, decision making in chess also came up. We talked artificial intelligence and both games, particularly topical right now because last month, Carnegie Mellon hosted a "Brains vs. AI" heads-up poker challenge in Pittsburgh. 

The match terms were a little skewed as far as I could tell- the human team, comprised some of the best heads-up poker minds in the World, played 20 ten-hour days of heads-up poker in a row. Still, Libratus (Latin for "balanced") convincingly defeated the human brains, which led to a lot of press, including this piece in Wired Magazine. Another elite Heads-up player and popular YouTube/twitch streamer Doug Polk posted a video giving a deeper look into the challenge. 

I feel the same way I did in 1997! Rematch, for the fans happy.png