Nicolas Rossolimo Documentary

Nicolas Rossolimo Documentary

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"Rossolimo: Chess Artist"


Nicolas Rossolimo is best known today for the "Rossolimo Variation" of the open Sicilian. In fact, however, he was a feared attacking chess artist who devoted his entire life to the game over four decades and three continents. Over his long career, Grandmaster Rossolimo racked up an impressive number of brilliancy prizes. In America, he ran a famous chess studio in Greenwich Village, New York, for 17 years. During this time, Rossolimo became a trusted friend to all American chess players, including luminaries such as Bobby Fischer and Marcel Duchamp. There was a bizarre mystery surrounding his sudden death in 1975.   


Written by Jessica Fischer

Narrated by Richard Dewoskin

Researched by Jessica Fischer, Larry Crawford, and Annie Kappel