Paul Morphy video biography Part four, five, and six

Paul Morphy video biography Part four, five, and six

Aug 2, 2010, 8:31 PM |

Part Four:


In this segment Morphy finishes his Match against Adolf Anderssen, despite being so ill that he is unable to leave his Hotel. After a Match against August Mongredien, Morphy returns to London with his good friend Jules Arnous de Riviere. Howard Staunton will not play him, so Morphy conducts the only sighted simul of his career against five of the strongest chess masters in the world. 



Part Five

In this segment Morphy returns to a hero's welcome in America. He is proclaimed World Chess Champion, and tours New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and Maryland. The Civil War breaks out and Morphy leaves for France, stopping off in Cuba to play Felix Sicre, the national champion.

This segment draws heavily on the fantastic work of Batgirl (Sarah Beth)



Part Six

This final segment covers Morphy's odyssey to Cuba, his law career, his last games of chess, his supposed "madness," and his legacy according to the words of subsequent World Champions.

This segment uses historical information and pictures drawn almost exclusively from the Morphy web pages of Batgirl (Sarah Beth).