My unorthodox ways

Nov 19, 2009, 8:24 PM |


Letz start off by me giving you some info in me.



1) If you want to read a blog with perfect english, sorry wrong blog.


2) If you are here to act like a nitwit(mind my language) you are in the wrong place


3) If you are here to actually learn something, then you are in the right place.


Now here's some stuff really about me:


i am a female


i like chess


i am rated curretly 1538 in uscf


i am a student


i have studied and aquired all my skills from my own research and hardwork


i have unorthodox methods


i am russian and jewish


That covers that so......... wht is this blog about, it is about the way i deal with opening, it is about what i have lerned, it is about me helping you. My first blog will be on my unorthodix version of the caro kann. Hold onto your seats and get ready 




Caro kan 


This is how i play the caro kann 





What do you think?


I like this it might close my bishop but it helps get out my black bishop. This in a way can be a transpo of a french, so if you know the french then this might not be so bad. Wait what about the next moves....


This as I have learned in a way is like the semi-slav so if you are good with that then thats not bad. Many would argue that this is not the best moves. I agree I do lose a tempo in my 3rd move, but I think I regain it with what you see, by pushing the c pawn. I said before my method is unorthodix. I came to playing this line, by default. I played the first3 move of the caro kann, and then started experimenting. In otb against 1500-1600 it worked, so I decided to use it. Now lets see the most comon move made by white



This is most common but it actually helps black i think, this is how I play it

This position should be playable for people with some sort of background in chess tactics. This is why I like this opening for this type of play.
P.S. I know my first blog isn't that ggreat, but I'm figuring things out. I will stop here and do my second half in about a week or maybe sooner. Please leave comments. They will help, tell me what I should fix th.
One more thing, I have decided that with this blog I will always leave you 2 clips, it is always random, so enjoy.
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