Beginning chess with my six year old

Sep 6, 2010, 6:06 PM |

My six year old and I have been playing chess together for about a year now. He recently commented that I had some chess books and he didn't. I bought him a copy of Kasparov's Checkmate My First Chess Book. He and I have started working though it.

He cannot read most of the content. I believe the book is written for an eight year old skill level. (This is my guess anyway.) Even though he cannot read it he is enjoying the time we spend together on it. I essentially read the content to him and we go through the book and set it up on a board so that he can move the pieces and see it on an actual game board.

It is really exciting for me to see him so excited for the game at this point. My hope is that we can continue on this journey. As long as he is having this much fun I foresee a good time together that I hope to share with everyone here.

I am also looking for some help from the resources here at, as this is a new venture for me. I pretty much just played as a child without anyone helping me. I had fun with chess and don't really have any experience with teaching it. In contrast my childhood sports coaches give me some idea of what I need to do when I help coach tee ball. My hope is that between here, the forums, and some of the other resources I can keep him interested in one of my favorite games. 

Let the games begin!