HRSCC Christmas Quads

Dec 27, 2014, 2:56 PM |

Round 1 of the Hampton Roads Scholastic Chess Club (HRSCC) Christmas Quads. Spent more time than I should have in the opening over-analyzing every move. More than three years since I have played OTB in these time controls. (I've only played once in a longer time control since...) Definitely forgot to manage the clock and felt the time pressure. 


Round 2 of the HRSCC Christmas Quads. At move 18 I missed a golden opportunity and blunder first one move after spending most of my clock on it and then blundering two moves later after realizing the clock situation...



Round 3 of the HRSCC Christmas Quads. The previous two games ended with me in time trouble (under 3 mins and under 1 min.)