Online vs. OTB

Jun 15, 2011, 6:13 PM |

     Whenever I play online, I find that my strength significantly decreases (1420 on OTB down to 1050 on live slow, though I admittedly didn't play the latter all too much or all too recently) when I play online. Is it the board? Is this because it is more difficult to see pieces on a flat surface, or does the board send subconcious messages of "blitz!" and "bullet!"? Or is it the simple fact that playing multiple games hampers your performance? Or is it simply due to time constraints? Maybe I just don't try as hard, a highly plausible answer.

      My first address is to the board. Though, I do admit, the "subconscious message" theory may seem a little far-fetched (though impossible, as far a sI know, to diprove), the first suggestion seems possible. Even when you can preview your move, I have missed obvious forks, and I have even moved a piece pinned to my queen! So, this theory may be at least partially correct.

     Playing multiple games is proven to weaken your playing strength, through simultaneouses and such. Perhaps I have the tactics of one game in my head while coming up with a move for another game. However, I feel that this is remote, as I have no conscious thoughts of any game but my own. However, we still cannot completely eliminate this possibility.

     Before, time could be an excuse, with my limited playing time. Now, as summer vacation approaches, I am finding myself with more and more time to play chess as well as take the endless chess quiz, do chess mentor, and post this blog. I did not need to even mention this, as this is a severly inadequete reason.

    The last is most likely. Of course I made all these errors due to my carelessness! Going straight here would have been wisest.

     But I really needed to let out some steam.