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Carlsen vs Nakamura ½ - ½

Carlsen vs Nakamura ½ - ½

Dec 12, 2009, 6:47 AM 2

Magnus Carlsen's opening move against Hikaru Nakamura in the fourth round of London Classic was d4 and it was going to be Slav Defense with a surprise (in form of 6. Nh4) for Nakamura.

"Hikaru Nakamura was the most impressive performer today. He did more than hold Magnus Carlsen to a draw, he was pressing with Black."

Below is the whole game game played by Carlsen and Nakamura:



"In the VIP Room Viktor Korchnoi was saying cxd5 must be right even though to the gathering it looked natural to take with the e6 pawn which had been weak. Hikaru took with the e6 pawn but the result was a drawn position. Viktor's experience was evident there although it's not clear whether Black can win even then."

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