online dialogue and the game of it

Jul 4, 2009, 4:21 AM |

jim’s friend: hey bro

jim: hi and thanks for accepting my challenge

jim’s friend: I love to play

jim’s friend: how r u today?

jim: fine thank you, how are you?

jim’s friend: lost 5 or 6 in a row!

jim: sorry to hear

jim: you've still been on a higher level than I've ever

jim’s friend: your rating is 200 points higher than mine

jim: I've cared too much of my games, a lot of other things have been left undone in my life right now

jim’s friend: I stay up all night playing chess.. that's when I make most of my bad moves...then the next day I feel like crap from staying up all night.

jim: well I'm no one to tell, I just woke up at 1 am, shall have a long day today

jim’s friend: yup

jim: I have a friend in Bucharest working for a government, she wrote me she hopes I have enough time for myself, I was going to write her I am having too much time for me (and my chess)

jim’s friend: good luck

jim: thanks that'll be needed, I am going to see her in September

jim’s friend: good for you.. mines on her way home from work!

jim: glad to hear, see you've done it better than me so far

jim: you can lose in chess and win in life or vice versa

jim’s friend: so true

jim’s friend: is it too much to ask for both victories? LOL

jim: :-)

jim: another thing, as I said I'm no one to tell, but I had a thought: tell her you are a winner in life because you got her, that's what really counts

jim’s friend: I'm on 2 hours sleep.. can't think good enough for chess.. 9 losses in a row is my limit! :)

jim’s friend: see you tomorrow if you want to play another one.

jim: thanks, I enjoyed more the talking than the game, all the best

jim: bye now and thanks again