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Some of the best games of London Chess Classic 2nd

Some of the best games of London Chess Classic 2nd

Dec 11, 2010, 11:07 PM 0

Round 1

 The big surprise of the round was Magnus Carlsen’s defeat at the hands of England’s Luke McShane, which was sweet revenge for Luke’s loss to Magnus in 2009. The game followed a known (if slightly obscure) line of the English Opening.

Round 2

England’s Luke McShane is the sole leader of the 2010 London Chess Classic after beating Nigel Short in a complicated tactical struggle. Two points behind him is America’s Hikaru Nakamura who scored a great win against former world champion Vladimir Kramnik.

Round 3

It was the big one - world number one plays world number two. This year Vishy leads 3-2 with one win (in Bilbao, with Black) and four draws.

Sources: Round reports by John Saunders

Annotation by John Saunders to the first and the third round best games.


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