Chess on Prime Time

May 31, 2009, 9:02 PM |

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The TV commercial that aired at the end of the second game of the 2009 Stanley Cup hockey playoffs showing a muscle bound man moving a giant, heavy chess piece followed by a pickup truck dropping onto to the board, may be the first time chess, brawn and a pickup truck have been seen together on national television. And, probable the fist time chess has been shown in a prime time TV advertisement.

Over 30 countries have legislated, at the national level, to place chess in the curriculum of public schools.

An increase in peer reviewed articles of scientific research in the areas of neural physiology, psychology and education related to chess is being seen in academic literature.

Chess schools are popping up in communities across North America as entrepreneurs are realizing the opportunities in chess education. Tournament award amounts are increasing. College scholarships are being offered by numerous colleges.

This increase in chess activity sends a strong message that United States chess players will again become contenders on the world chess stage and there is hope that chess will attract the attention of K-12 curriculum boards in the United States.

Are we seeing the dawn of a golden age of chess in the USA?