Humble beginnings...bright future


     Chess has always been a work in progress in my life. I was the Chess champion of my class in high school three years in a row, and I have also won the school title several times. Unfortunately, that is where the journey ended. Chess was nothing but an after thought in college, and (with the exception of a casual game here and there), practically none of my time has been devoted to playing chess.

     About two weeks ago I joined the community here at and found a new home. I began playing a few games and enjoyed the "Tactics" module which helped me get back into the swing of things. I played the computer a few times, and took part in some Daily puzzles before jumping in head first back into the water.

     Unfortunately, I failed to see the pool of sharks swimming in the water. Loss, after loss, after loss. I watched my rating go from 1200 to 795 almost overnight. I brushed it off and assumed it was just an off day. Until the next day.  Several games where played in which I was plagued with foolish blunders and embarrassing resignations.

     On the cusp of giving up chess once and for all, I did what any good player does; take a step back and look at the situation. My over-sized opinion of my skill led me to a downward path of failure. I failed to realize that it has been a solid 10 years since I've last played chess competitively. Aside from a few novice Bishop-Queen tactics, my repertoire is deplete of what it used to be.

     Pulling myself back up from the ground began with purchasing "Chess Opening Essentials Volume 1. e4" by Stefan Djuric and Dimitry Komorav. Twenty pages into the book and I already have a better understanding of the most basic, albeit powerful, move of the game...e4! I have developed a daily training program to make the most of practice and to continue to instill a solid foundation into each game I play.

    Already I have a bright outlook on my future chess career, and rating! By following my regimen and remaining true the basic principals and strategy contained in the pages of Djuric's book, I have already grown my rating to 911. Cheers to humble beginnings and a bright future!!! lessons.png