Back from a Tournament...some brutalities, some odd wins.

Oct 31, 2009, 3:11 PM |

Today I played at a tournament...and had some good games as well as bad ones.  We always have our bad games and good games.  However, some of the wins can be acredited to the knowledge of the game I have gained over the past few years.  Some of my wins were won in won positions.  Some were fast and some where slow.  Other wins...well...I'll be honest.  There's one game I shouldn't have won, but knowledge got me the entire point!  Part of the game is below.


After move 28, I stopped taking notation, as I was in time trouble (I had less than 5 minutes left).  However, I was able to reach one of the most exciting positions I have ever found myself in.  I was able to win with 2 minutes left on my clock.















After this, my pawns pushed my opponent's king back to the 8th rank, and I found a win.















My second round game was the novelty of the day, however.  Of course, my opponent helped me a little bit.


The rest of the game is below....
















These two games were my favorites.  I lost my last game (against Keon21 in competition) and won the other two games, which weren't so exciting.  I'll post my loss.  Keon21 also had played a good tournament.  On move "zero", he offered a draw which I declined.  I was out of energy by the last round, which explains my horrific play.