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Comparing chess with other types of gaming

Comparing chess with other types of gaming

May 7, 2017, 7:51 AM 0

Chess is a strategic board game. It requires intellect and knowledge in chess strategy, and it can last over an hour. The role is clearly important; it serves as a game for brainiacs - at least, the stereotype is that only very smart people play chess. This is always true, but it is true that chess-players tend to be more academic.


But despite it's academic benefits, chess is still just a game. In that way, it's not different from soccer or Call of Duty. Obviously, there are huge differences. But the point of this post is to explore how chess compares to other games.


Sports, like soccer and basketball, require a lot of physical activity. They also require plenty of strategy and co-ordination, much like chess.


Video games also use strategy, depending on the video game. They can be intellectually or visually stimulating.


Other board games also have similar functions to chess, with varying levels of strategy and intellect required.


Arcade games are meant a lot more for entertainment. Pinball machines are a popular form of gaming, and it's actually similar to a board game. It requires plenty of strategy and planning. And needless to say, it's more fun.


Clearly, chess is one of the smarter and more mentally demanding games out there. But it's more similar to other games than we may think. Among other reasons, we ultimately play it for entertainment.

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