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My long-time interest in chess

My long-time interest in chess

May 7, 2017, 7:38 AM 0

I've played chess since I was a little kid. I was first introduced to it by my father; he used to play chess and taught me and my brother about it. He touted it as an intellectual and fun game to play. He's right. Chess is enjoyable and also stimulating for the brain.


As a child, I would play with my brother and father. I was told I was pretty good at it. No expert, but above average. I would occasionally beat my brother and father, but I'd also lose often.


It wasn't until I was I entered high school that I really became interested in the details of Chess. I had a friend who was a Chess master - he had received accolades at the national level in his country. He was razor sharp and could beat everyone at it. The other friends in my circle also played Chess, so I had a lot of competition and opportunity. I was considered average to pretty average in the group.


Eventually, I decided to volunteer as an assistant to an elementary school chess group. I would help children with strategy on chess, and see if the teacher needed help with anything. This was a defining moment in my chess experience. I studied chess strategy and theory, and made lesson plans. I would play with the computer in my spare time. This was when I was truly invested in the chess game.


I haven't touched chess for a few years; busy with college, work, and all that. But someday, I'd like to get back into chess. It's a timeless game.


Jordana Pierce, writer at My Pro Rides.

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