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Why am i here?

Oct 22, 2007, 2:04 PM 1
Why and How did i stumble on to this web site? I work for a corporate shit hole. Its a bank with more than 100 different departments, more than 3500 location spread through out America. The name of the company will remain unnamed. Why do ask is it a shit hole? They expect me to get numbers that can only be achieved if a banker has the walk in traffic that comes from being in a 30+ populated city. I don't get walk in traffic. in fact i spend all my time on the internet trying to find a good game. Yahoo chess? Blocked by firewall! And yet i have porn pop ups every time I google any thing. Google: Microsoft stock. Loading...... then the pop up. Watch Stock Brocker Take it in the ass By her Boss..... What the hell is that? all i wanted was a stock quote!!! Sorry.  Actually this is the only chess site that i was able to find that did not have a firewall block. So an other words, I love this site because it keeps me busy through out the day, and i really hate my job!!!

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