Chess Improver of the Week of February 16 #2

Feb 17, 2015, 2:48 PM |

Greetings, chess improvers. Coach Conn here again with part two of our first Chess Improver of the Week presentation.

In part one, I covered what I have classified as the beginner and improving beginner levels, and then we looked at a recent loss of our Chess Improver of the Week, ziya-7.

Recall that the primary goal for the improving beginner is to eliminate one move blunders, specifically where material loss is concerned. In addition, players at all levels - but especially at the improving beginner level - should not resign games prematurely (follow Coach Conn's Resignation Rule).

Here in part two, we will take a look at how our Chess Improver of the Week, ziya-7, wins a game by making fewer one move blunders than his opponent, while capitalizing on his opponent's errors, and playing some strong moves.

This wasn't a perfect Improving Beginner level game, but it was a good and instructive one, and one which ziya-7 can be proud of. It was also very exciting, with the players fairly evenly matched throughout. White just made one more error (at the level of Improving Beginner) than did Black, and that makes all the difference.

Congratulations to ziya-7 on a fine performance and for being selected as our first Chess Improver of the Week!