Pins and Fun with Aronian v Svidler Rd.11 Candidates

Mar 24, 2016, 9:46 AM |

I happened upon the candidates game between Aronian and Svidler around move 30.  The position at move 32 caught my eye, there are some cute tactics and the game is finely balanced.  I'm posting some analysis based on my thoughts watching the game and then including the things I missed, especially why not an earlier Qa3.


Here's the position


 The obvious question becomes if white plays Qxb7 how will black respond?  White would seem to be better if only the king were safer.  While there are lines where the king can find shelter there are also some unfortunate lines if he has to start running.  I thought after Qxb7 Qa3 doubling up on the c-pawn and bursting into white's camp with the queen.  But I missed a tactic there.  Do you see it?  The other cute thing in this position is that if black move his h rook white has the always fun pin on the pawn and even a potential sacrifice on g6.
So here's how things unfolded into the time control